Using Salt to Kill Fleas

Is it imagined or real? Did something move on the dog or is he just scratching because dogs […]

Cutest Kitty Pics! Pt 3

Okay ladies and gents, as promised, here is the third part to the hilarious cat picture series. Are […]

Cutest dog pics!

(Ahaha, maybe these dogs just want to play? šŸ™‚ ) (Yep, I’ve done this face before too!) (Why […]

Cutest Cat Pics! pt 2

(Hey, can’t say I blame this cat! Pancakes are just too delicious to watch!) (You’re not my real […]

Cutest kitty pics!

Well, you thought you had seen enough cuteness on theĀ Instagram page, eh? Nuh uh…not yet you have […]